Monday, October 4, 2010


The clown seems to have some large cultural significance here in Brazil. Often cell phone stores and other businesses hire clowns to pass out pamphlets and coupons on the street. And the other day, while trying to compose an email, I was distracted by a persistent whistle coming from the street. When I went outside to discover the cause, I saw a clown holding a big red banner. He was campaigning for some local politician. Politics reduced to the circus--literally.


  1. Wasn't a clown just elected to the Brazilian Congress?

    "Of the more than 300 candidates for Congress in the State of Sao Paulo (Deputado Federal), this clown got the most votes."

    according to this

  2. Ah, I saw something about this on TV the other day. Unreal. There's a rumor that he's illiterate. I heard that he'll have to take a test and, if indeed he can't read, they'll have to elect someone else. But this is hearsay--I didn't get it from a news source.

    One of the local candidates ran by his nickname: Bigode de Queijjo--Cheese Mustache. I wonder how he earned that nickname?