Monday, October 4, 2010


The clown seems to have some large cultural significance here in Brazil. Often cell phone stores and other businesses hire clowns to pass out pamphlets and coupons on the street. And the other day, while trying to compose an email, I was distracted by a persistent whistle coming from the street. When I went outside to discover the cause, I saw a clown holding a big red banner. He was campaigning for some local politician. Politics reduced to the circus--literally.

Dusting off the horn...

I didn't take the time to celebrate the latest issue of The Dark Horse here when it first came out. I was happy to see that Poetry Daily featured one of its essays some weeks ago, namely Rory Waterman's review of William Logan which is not to be missed. If you haven't, you should pick up a copy of it. A couple of my poems made it into this edition. My copy is waiting for me in the States. Otherwise, I would find more to comment on. The website offers a lot of choice content as appetizers.