Monday, October 26, 2009

What's Going On

I'm going to post something here that I left as a comment on another blog, namely Steven D. Schroeder's blog. 

Steven listed a number of "big picture" projects he has going on, and it inspired me to list what's rolling around in my noggin in regards to writing goals. I haven't considered this a poetry blog, but it should be no secret that's where most of my interests lie, and I love directing the few readers I have to poems online they may have missed. So why not share a little something personal about what's going on in my writing life? Here's what I wrote:

I'm working on my first collection of poems, all more or less set in, or about, the south, many of them persona poems told by middle aged housewives and the men who love them. And a lot of barroom monologues for good measure, as well as not a few poems involving head injuries that more often than not result in religious visions and conversions. 

Oddly enough, the second manuscript is forming as well, with not a few poems already drafted for that one--all set in Brazil. 

On top of that I'm drafting short stories and battling to complete a libretto for a composer friend.

A friend and I would like to start an online journal, but that's pretty far down the road. 

And in my professional life, my wife and I have started an English school. So that's taking a lot of time and energy. But I find a busy work schedule only makes the writing life better. 

So, if you feel like sharing, please let me know what you're working on. 


  1. I just sent some poems to Fence Magazine which is reading this month (October only!), after having sent nothing out in ... oh ... a year?

  2. Please let me know how that turns out... I'll be rooting for you. I have a ton of poems out to various journals--some of which I have a good feeling about, others I know are shots in the dark. Recently I've done something I've never tried before--I wrote some poems specifically for a theme issue of a journal. Twice--I wrote a Wise Blood inspired poem for Shenandoah's upcoming Flannery O'Connor issue, and some baseball poems for Southern Review's upcoming issue on the sport. I'm pretty happy with the results, so when I get those rejections I'll still have new work I didn't otherwise have, to push on to other editors.