Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nostalgia's the New Nicotine

Digging through old jottings and ramblings, and came across this post I put on myspace a couple of years ago to inform my friends of a reading of mine in Louisiana. I think it's charming and more than a little funny. Is it? Or is it annoyingly bombastic? If you were to see a reading advertised in this way, would it pique your interest, or would you dismiss the reader as a juvenile charlatan? (That's what I am, but I don't want any potential audience members to think of me in that way, if it means they won't fill seats and/or buy whatever I'm selling). 

Anyway, here it is: 

I Can Read, and I'll Prove It! 

Come one! Come all! Southeastern alumnus and D. Vicker's Creative Writing Award winner Kevin Cutrer promises to delight with selections of his newest work (and a few oldies-but-goodies). 

Here's the man whose iambic pentameter has beguiled the editors of The Hudson Review, Connecticut Review, Texas Review, and more! 

Listen to his tales of braving the Boston public transportation system, rubbing elbows with literary giants, and tracking down an affordable, delicious breakfast in a city full of lavishly over-priced diners! 

One day only! Let's get out there, folks, and spread the word! Let every seat fill up! Let's break the fire code, people! He's using up all his vacation time! What a guy!

WHEN: 12:30PM NOVEMBER 8 2007


  1. The turnout was great. SLU, my alma mater, has been exceptionally kind in offering reading spots through the years--something unheard of for a poet without an MFA or even a collection. At this reading, a professor of mine brought one of her freshman or sophomore classes along, so the room was packed. It was a good learning experience--I wasn't too happy with my performance, but I learned a lot that I will apply to any future readings that may happen.