Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pop Culture

I am always elated when I drop some pop culture reference from the States and my students don't get it. Today I mentioned Jerry Springer to blank stares. The other day I prattled a list of light night talk show hosts, from Johnny Carson to Conan O'Brien, and nary a student knew what I was talking about. They have their own talk shows, of course, but something about meeting people who haven't been stained by the same culture as I have is charming and refreshing. The first day I met my wife, in fact, I mentioned that I was from the hometown of Britney Spears, not to impress her as much as just get it out of the way. She said, "Who's that?" And that's how I knew it was love. 

It turns out she knew who Britney was. But it took a few minutes to jog her memory.

All this in light of the Kanye thing that most of my friends on Facebook are mentioning. Before that, the most popular topic was the upcoming LSU Tigers football game. What will happen if I ever see the phrase "Geaux Tigers!" again? I don't kneaux. Something violent. 

All of this has made it easier to turn off the computer, though. 


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