Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Starlit is the new compact disc release by Louisiana-based composer Stephen Suber. Suber's career spans over thirty years and includes everything from electronic music/tape manipulations to symphonic works. This new disc collects some of his best orchestral and choral pieces. Not to be missed is the title track, "Starlit," which is a perfect blend of seriousness and playfulness centered around a violin exercise based on the tune of "Twinkle, twinkle little star." Another highlight is the choral piece "Soleil," as vigorous as it is haunting. The album truly has something for everyone. Seasoned classical music fans will find much to appreciate, but the less experienced listener will find that he has not been left out.

While available on iTunes, I urge any interested buyers to pick up the CD for the bonus of liner notes, written by yours truly. This is a great way to support contemporary music of the highest quality from an independent classical music label based in Louisiana. The sound quality on this recording is simply astounding.

Full disclosure: I am a former student and longtime friend of the composer, and we have collaborated in the past. I am also a native of Louisiana and can't promote the good things of that State often enough.

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