Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Not The Only One Killing the Language

There is a store across the street from the deli where we eat most of our meals (good, cheap food, proof of God's love). The sign above the store says "Casa de Coco." Now, Coco has two meanings, depending on the position of stress: COco or coCO. COco means coconut. coCO means shit. The sign above the store literally says: House of Shit. 

Someone told me she passed a supermarket whose sign translates to: Good Thief's Supermarket. I immediately thought of the wise thief who died on the cross beside Christ, who asked Christ to "remember me." I am very touched by the story, but I agree with my friend: not a good thing to name a store. But pious storefronts abound. Every town has some form of Lanchonette de Bom Jesus. "Well, you know there's an Evil Jesus Diner right around the corner," my love observed as we passed one the other day. And that's one reason she's my love. 


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