Friday, January 23, 2009


We watched a documentary on homelessness a few months back, and one homeless interviewee said that at least he had freedom, something a 9-5 rat in a cage severely lacks. Today marks my second day out of the cage. I don't intend to enjoy this freedom forever, nor trade shingles for corrugated cardboard. No one ever does. But the past couple days have been 100% stress free, an alien feeling for me. I feel ten years lighter. At the moment, I don't think I've made a mistake. We'll see what I'm saying in a few months, struggling to adjust to the linguistic, social, and atmospheric weathers of my new home. Earlier today I descended upon Arcoverde from space with Google Earth, after examining all my Boston haunts and hovering over my Louisiana home. Anytime I see the horizon, whether in the city or out in the pine woods of home, I tend to think, "this is it." To anyone standing at any spot, "this" is entirely "it." 

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