Sunday, January 18, 2009

Everybody's Got to Move Somewhere

Wednesday is my quitting day. With unemployment numbers rising, I'm the idiot who up and quit his job. Moving to Arcoverde, Brazil with my girl friend (she's Brazilian). If I find work teaching, then we'll enjoy an extended stay. If not, we'll come back to the states after a few months and start over here. For the past three years I've done hardly anything but follow the 9-5 routine, save a little money here and there, get fat and spin my wheels. In my free time I've pursued creative endeavors, but most of my time has gone to "the man" and since I have the opportunity to do so, I'm going to turn on, tune in, and drop out. Well, at least drop out.  I'm taking my savings and buying a little free time. I guess you could say I've given myself a grant. 

Some out there may be interested in hearing about a gringo's adventures in Brazil. Hence, this blog. This is the second big move in my life. I was born and raised in rural Louisiana, went to a nearby university, earned a degree in English, then flew to the Boston area where I've resided the past three years. Everyone in my immediate family lives on the same road, and it's been that way for generations. I feel very rooted to my home and the place I come from, but I carry it with me rather than allow it to hold me. My brother, a pilot, was in Boston the other day. I visited him at his hotel despite almost an hour of navigating the T in icy weather because I knew it was probably the only time two of my family would meet in a place like Boston. He asked me if I would ever come back home, build or buy a house, settle down. I have no idea. 

When I am not documenting Arcoverde adventures, I'll probably recount Boston and Louisiana tales to indulge my homesickness. 

The title of this post, "Everybody's got to move somewhere" is from the Bob Dylan song "Mississippi," from Love and Theft and also on the latest in the Bootlegs Series. Sheryl Crow covered it and didn't screw it up too badly. 

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